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The Studios

Founded in 1990 by the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios consists of 12 artist studios and a gallery. The establishment provides a professional and supportive work environment for a varied community of artists engaged in eclectic fields of endeavour. This environment allows for personal studio work alongside meetings, conversations, and opportunities to develop artistic and professional connections.

The unique character of the institute, and the continuity it provides, connects generations, different schools of thought, and the different schools and academies from which the participating artists come. The on-going work of the resident artists has been shown in hundreds of significant exhibitions in Israel and around the world. In addition, over the past decade the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios has participated in a biannual artist exchange program between Germany (Düsseldorf) and Israel in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.

The Gallery

Since 1990, the main focus of the gallery has been to encourage challenging encounters and to present exhibitions that expose to the general public the topics that occupy the field of art in our time. The gallery’s exhibition program is diverse and presents every possible medium, and the curators of the exhibitions accompany and encourage projects of an experimental and innovative nature.


Curator  Eitan Buganim
Director  Dr. Vered Gani Zafran
Chairman of the Board  Prof. Micha Levin

Resident Artists

Past Residents

  • Noga Al-Hasid
  • Osnat Avital
  • Shimon Avni
  • Yochai Avrahami
  • Jennifer Bar Lev
  • Ido Bar-El
  • Oren Ben Moreh
  • Anat Ben Shaul
  • Tzachi Buchbut
  • Lihi Chen
  • Joseph Crispel
  • Nurit David
  • Drora Domini
  • Amer Drebs
  • Pinchas Cohen Gan
  • Isaac Golombek
  • Yeudit Guetta
  • Irit Hemo
  • Michal Hyman
  • Shay Ignatz
  • Uri Katzenstein
  • Angela Klein
  • Roi Kuper
  • Yoram Kupermintz
  • Sigalit Landau
  • Elisheva Levi
  • Halit Mandenblit
  • Ohad Marimba
  • Jacob Mishori
  • Moti Mizrahi
  • Moshe Nino
  • Ibrahim Novani
  • Gilad Ophir
  • Simha Pfizer
  • Sigal Primor
  • Adam Rabinowitz
  • Philip Rantser
  • Yan Rauchwerger
  • David Reeb
  • Karen Russo
  • Avi Sabah
  • Hannah Sahar
  • Yeudit Sassportas
  • Bucky Schwartz
  • Tamar Shakin
  • Efrat Shalem
  • Gil Shani
  • Meira Shemesh
  • David Shuli
  • Nahum Tevet
  • Naomi Siman tov
  • Yanai Twister
  • Sharon Yaari
  • Daniel Zack
  • Galia Gur Zeev
  • Avital Cnaani
  • Tamir Chen
  • Meirav Shin Ben Alon
  • Elham Rokni
  • Eli Petel