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Hilla Toony Navok

By quoting and dismantling codes of Israeli design and architecture and using recognized consumer products and while looking at canonical chapters In the art of the past, Navok creates sculptural environments that relate to concepts such as work, display, and functionality.

Navok is an outstanding graduate of Bezalel’s MFA Program (2009). Lecturer in the Art Department at Bezalel and the Art Department at Shenkar, Navok exhibits in many galleries and museums in Israel and abroad. Selected solo exhibitions have been presented at: KM Berlin Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Noga Gallery Tel Aviv, Herzliya Museum of Art, Atalia Shemi, Kibbutz Kabri, Artport Tel Aviv (joint exhibition), Haifa Museum of Art, Gallery Local 30 Warsaw, “On Curating”, Zurich and more.

Navok has won many awards, among them: the Discount Bank Award (2021), the Rappaport Award on behalf of the Tel Aviv Museum (2020), Beatrice Culiner Award for Young Artists on behalf of the Israel Museum (2018), the Givon Award on behalf of the Tel Aviv Museum (2011), Minister’s Award and the Encouragement of Creativity Award on behalf of the Ministry of Culture (2019, 2012), Artport Artist Residency Program Scholarship (2016), Ostrovsky Foundation (2015), artist support program by Mifal HaPais (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019), and the Joshua Rabinovich Foundation (2017, 2006).

Works by Navok are located permanently at the Israel Railway Station at the entrance to Jerusalem and at the Holon Center for Digital Art.

Navok is the founder of a publishing house for artist books “Poraz the Nabok”

She was one of the editorial staff of the art magazine “Picnic”, and jointly curated the 2nd Biennale of Art in Herzliya (2009).