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Tamar Harpaz

Tamar Harpaz is a sculptor and installation artist. Harpaz holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in art from the Bezalel Academy, where she currently teaches.

Between 2015-2017 she participated in the residency scholarship of the Reichsakademi, Amsterdam. Harpaz is the winner of the 2013 Kiefer Prize of the Wolf Foundation, the Young Artist Award of the Ministry of Culture in 2011, and the Givon Prize in 2010 of the Tel Aviv Museum. In 2018, in collaboration with Assaf Hazan Harpaz, she presented a double exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. In 2019 she participated in the Leeds Sculpture Biennale, and in 2020 she created a new stabilizer for the Hats, Zandem.

Harpaz has had solo exhibitions at Adele Asanti in London, at Comfort Boyhousen, at the CIA in Tel Aviv, at the Spices Gallery in Cleveland, at the Sommer Gallery in Tel Aviv and at the Pontweg in Amsterdam with Christine Muldrix. Among other things, she has participated in exhibitions at the Macro Museum in Rome, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Petah Tikva Museum, Petah Tikva, the Dortiart in Dordrecht, the Blip Blip Blip Blades Gallery, the Villa Gallery in London, and the Rolling Stones in Doibipor.