אמנים / מירי סגל

אודות קו״ח
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  • Education:


Art studies at the San Francisco Art Institute


Ph.D. in Mathematics, Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, Israel


MA in Mathematics Cum Laude

  • Awards, Scholarships and Residencies:


Mendel and Eva Pundik Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv


Meir Dizengoff Prize for painting and sculpture, Tel Aviv


Centre International d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets, Paris, Artist in residence, award of the city of Paris, and the minister of foreign affairs.


Villa Arson, Nice France, Artist in residence


Ministry of Science Culture & Sport, Israeli Art Prize for excellence in Art


The Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

  • One Person Exhibitions:


          Vestige, Joint exhibition with Gideon Gechtman, The Artists’ Studio, Cube art

Gallery, Jerusalem Curator: Avi Lubin


Future Perfect, Joint exhibition with Or Even Tov, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv


Mortals and Automatons, Kamel Mennour Gallery, Paris


Just a Second, Life, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv


Bon Voyage Love & Strife, Kamel Mennour Gallery, Paris


Place de la bonne heure, Dvir Gallery Tel Aviv


Capital Hill, Lisson Gallery, London


Passion, Art Focus 2003, curators: Yigal Zalmona and Susan Landau,  Jerusalem


Interfaces, the Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv


Circular Acts, P.S.1 center of contemporary art, New York.


Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

  • Group Exhibitions:


EVA,  Curator: Bassam El Baroni, International Ireland’s Biennial,  Limerick City

All That Falls, Curators: Gérard Wajcman,  Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Bitcoins, Curator: Nicola Trezzi,  Eli Ping Frances Perkins, New York 

Les yeux seuls sont encore capables de pousser un cri, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv  


Together, Dvir gallery, Tel Aviv

Honey, I rearranged the collection, Curator: Ami Baqrak, Petach Tikva Museum of Art 

ArTricks,  Curator: Daniella Shalev, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

WYSIWYG, Curator: Anat Danon,   Tel Aviv Museum of Art, tel aviv 

Makhno’s Boys/Isaac Babel, Dvir gallery, Tel Aviv


Other Lives,  Curator:  Maayan Shelef, The Science Museum, Jerusalem

About Stupidity,  Curators: Doreet LeVitte Harten and Diana Dallal, Petach Tikva Museum of Art 

Troubling Space, Curators: Helga Just Christoffersen and Natasha Marie Llorens,

Zabludowicz Collection, London

Lux Perpetua, Kamel Mennour gallery, Paris

Neon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?, Curator: David Rosenberg, Maison Rouge, Paris

Evil is here, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

The Body In Women’s Art Now, Curator: Filippa Found, Rollo contemporary art, London

Afterwards part 1, Total Museum of Contemporary art, Seoul


The Body In Women’s Art Now, Curator: Filippa Found, the new hall art collection, Cambridge

Yudith Levin and Miri Segal, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

Homage to Bas Jan Ader, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

At the gates of Jerusalem, a black sun is alight, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv


Trembling Time, Curator: Sergio Edelsztein, Tate Modern, London

Reference and Affinity, Museum of Art Lucerne, Lucerne

Overview: Israeli Video 2000-2010, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa

Thrice upon a time, Curators: Elisabeth Millqvist, Tessa Praun and Richard Julin Magasin 3 Konsthall, Stockholm


Mobile Archive, Curators: Anne Barlow and C?en Tamir, Art in General, New York

ArtTLV, Curator: Edna Mosenzon, Tel Aviv

Screening of BRB, screaning by Pompidou Center, Tokyo, Japan

Lichtzwang, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

It won’t stop until we talk, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

Wake Up, Please, Curator: Keren Detton, Le Quartier, Quimper, France


Between the Images, Curators: Petra Bauer, Kim Einarsson and Helena Holmberg, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm

Can Art Do More Curators: Ami Barak and Bernard Blistene, art focus 2008, Jerusalem

Only Connect, Chelsea Museum of Art New York, Curator: Sergio Edelsztein

BRB, Hors Pistes film festival, Pompidou Center, Paris   

Videoform Filmform, Curators: Filomeno Fusco and Dirck Möllmann, Stile der Stadt GbR, Hamburg.

Detail, Curator: Nira Yizchaki,  Shlush Gallery, Tel Aviv

Blind Spot Curators: Carmela Yaakobi and Einat Manof, Petach Tikwa Museum,

Depletion, Works from the Doron Sebbag Art Collection, Tel Aviv Museum, Curators: Aya Lurie and Nili Goren

Real Time: Art in Israel 1998–2008, Israel Museum Jerusalem, Curators: Amitai Mendelson and Efrat Natan

Animation, Beit Ticho, Israel Museum Jerusalem, Curator: Mira Lapidot


Playing with Soiltude, Curator: Tal Yachas, Kunsthalle Wien

House Trip, Curator: Ami Barak , Art Forum Berlin 

Group Show, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv


fatamorgana, Curator: Tami Katz Freiman, Haifa Museum Of Art, Haifa

Liminal spaces, Curators: Reem Fadda, Eyal Danon, Philipe Misselwitz, Galit Eilat,  Gallery For Contemporary Arts, Leipzig

Group Show (Dvora Amir), Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Show (Tsaslev Milosh), Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

Watch Out, beaumontpublic, Luxembourg

Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, rimini

The Raft of the Medusa, Curator: Naomi Aviv, The Królikarnia palace, Warsaw


Dreaming art Dreaming Reality – 10 artists, 10 years, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

Next Wave of Israeli Contemporary Art, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo

Temps d’Images, Festival ARTE, Ferme du Buisson, Paris

Nuit Blanche, Curator: Ami Barak, Passage de Retz, Paris

Inherent Discrepancy, Curator: Daniel Kurjakovic, Public, Paris


Love is in the Air, Zman Le’omanut, Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv

Video Zone, Rachel and Israel Pollack Gallery, Tel Aviv


Thin Skin, Curators: Barbara Clausen and Carin Kuoni, Independent Curators Internationa ICI, Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University

International Installation Triennale, Curator: Daniella Talmor Haifa Museum, Haifa

Affirmative Action, Curator: Ellen Ginton, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

Permanent Installation, La Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris


Thin Skin, Curators: Barbara Clausen and Carin Kuoni, Independent Curators Internationa ICI, AXA Gallery, New York

Private Eye, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S.A

Video Cube, FIAC, FRANCE

Video Art-Group show, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.


Loop –Alles auf Anfang, Curator: Claus Bisenbach, Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kultrshftiftung, M?nchen, Germany

New Acquisitions, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 


4 Video Artists, Curator: Moti Omer, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

Mixing Memory And Desire, Curators: Ulrich Loock and Daniel Kurjakovic, Kunstmuseum, Luzern, Switzerland.

Wish List, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Exposure, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv


Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Group Show


AL-MA NOVACHAT, video installation at C. Shuck Studio/Gallery, San Francisco

One Woman Exhibition at SFMOMA, a performance that took place at the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.

  • Selected Reviews:

Frieze Magazine, November-December 2001, page118-119, by James Trainor: Miri Segal, PS1, New York 

Art Press, November 2001, page 71, by Robert C. Morgan: Miri Segal, PS1 

Art News, March 2002, 10 Artists to Watch, page 101, by Tami Katz-Frieman: Miri Segal-Wheels of Fortune 

Studio Art Magazine, Israel, November 2001, by Joshua Neustein: After the Fall 

• Haaretz, Israeli Daily newspaper 23 April 2002, By Dana Gilerman: A dream through a magnifying glass 

Haaretz, Israeli Daily newspaper,13 July 2003, By Dana Gilerman: The moment when the viewer is betrayed 

Time out Magazine, 15 April 2005, Joseph Krispel: Miri Segal

Haaretz magazine, 30 June 2005, By Aviva Lori: The Calculus of Art 

Haaretz, 17 August 2005, By Uzi Zur: Miri Segal, Beautiful-Hours-Place 

ArtPress, June 2006, pages 34-37, by Paul Ardenne: Miri Segal – Jeux optiques troubles

Studio art Magazine, Israel, June-July, page 20-24 2007 Second life, First love interview with By Yael Bergstein

  • Collections:

Public Collections:

• The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

• ORS collection Tel Aviv

• Tel Aviv Museum of Art

• Frac des Pays de la Loire

• CNAP, centre national des arts plastiques france

• FNAC Fonds National d´Art Contemporain, france

• Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris

• Magazin 3, Stockholm

• Kunstmuseum, Luzern,

• The Zabludowicz Collection, London

• Kadist Art Foundation, Paris and San Francisco

Private collections.

  • Employment


From 2013

Head of the postgraduate program in Fine Arts, Hmidrasha Art School, Kfar Sava

From 2007 

 Senior lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Fine Art



 Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Fine Art



Lecturer, The School of Art, Hamidrasha, Kfar Sava


Lecturer Camera Obscura, Department of Digital Media


Teaching in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Fine Art department




From 2011

research fellow, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Advanced Virtuality Lab,

Project title: Neuro-responsive media, using EEG.

From 2012

Lecturer, The College of Management Academic Studies, Department of Interior Design. The architecture of the contemporary, new digital and physical technologies in art and design.   

From 2012

Instructor for Media projects, Hamidrasha, Kfar Sava


The Center for Digital Art, Physical Computing Lab, a joint project with Nathan

Intrator Prof. of applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv University

Project title: On music and flow, using Heart-Rate-Variability